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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Usually Thanksgiving is warm and all about the family getting together. This year's Thanksgiving was far from anything used to describe the average harvest celebration.
First, my sister couldn't visit this year. Even though my parents, brother and I are all family, my sis is the one who makes us.. come together, and makes the whole occasion a lot more fun.
This year, we didn't have a traditional turkey dinner because we recently moved and are just building, and everything's not really set up for having a "normal" celebration.
Due to several recent events, my parents, bro and I were also not in such a great mood. Our family hasn't been as close lately as it used to be. My parents were picking at eachother for all of the long weekend, my brother was quite grumpy, and I pretty much kept to my disgruntled self and ate a lot of cookies, waiting for Tuesday and school to start again.


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