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Monday, October 30, 2006

Well, this weekend was pretty exciting... boring .... except for one incident on Saturday. We were invited to dinner at our neighbours, which was a yummy Korean dish... with lots of veggies. :p Anyway, it got dark, it started to rain, then it started to snow, and then it really started to snow. Not normally really an issue, except our neighbour's driveway is like 2 miles long and a freshly put in logging road. The last bit going down to their house is very steep and winding. Our truck didn't have winter tires on yet, so by the time we realized we should probably hit the road if we ever want to make it out, it was one big mud puddle topped with fluffy white stuff.
Our neighbour luckily has a winch on his truck, so he drove ahead and winched us up his hill and then left us to fight the rest of the 1.9 miles on our own. Well, not really.. he said he would follow us out to the road to see if we made it, but I never saw him following us. He probably got stuck and turned around. :p When we got on the road (an old logging road), we barely made it along that one as well. Then, when we got onto the main road (Big Bar Rd) a gravel road itself, we thought we might get into our beds that night after all.
Once we got into our driveway... we found out it was one mud puddle with fluffy white stuff.... with half-frozen ruts! I'll let you imagine the rest.


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