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Monday, April 23, 2007

The grade elevens and twelves just had a cheese tasting lab in Foods. There were seven different cheeses, including smoked Gouda, goat cheese, blue cheese, and Le Petit St. Paul. My favourite one was the smoked Gouda. Mmm, so good. The goat cheese was yummy, too, but I think it needs to be spread thinly on toast. We had it in big chunks and it kinda just got more and more in your mouth - it's a very rich cheese. The blue cheese was extremely disgusting! I don't know why it's called blue cheese if it has green mold spotted throughout. Yuck! The taste was quite over-powering, and it smelled like a pile of manure. :S At least we had grape juice and crackers to wash the taste away!
I can't believe the grad trip is only a few weeks away. Grad is in abit more than two months. It's unreal. I really need to get my grad pictures done. My parents aren't very aware of that; they're just panicking that I'm graduating and moving out and stuff. I'm only graduating, I'm not going on a one-way trip to Mars! Geez.
Anyway, I got a part-time job at the Big Bar Guest Ranch until July, and full-time after grad. Which is great, because I have one less thing to worry about. It's a really friendly atmosphere and everything; I'm looking forward to starting full-time.


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