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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There has been a lot of scary stories in the news lately (especially the last few weeks) about our environment. Some experts say we are heading towards a toasting, other's say Earth is going to be hit with the next ice age soon. Either way, if you just take a look outside and glance at the funny weather we've been having, you'll be able to tell that something is inching closer (either global warming or freezing), and it does not look pleasant. There are much more freak forecasts than ever around the world, and at home it's not so rosy either. I come on, -20C in April? Something's wrong here.
But I guess you only have to look around your immediate surroundings to see the problem. We put way too much stress on our poor little planet! I know it sounds corny, but Earth isn't as big as everyone thinks. And with 6 billion people now, as well as the rate of growth skyrocketing every year, there isn't enough room to pump all that CO2. then again, why would you want to pump it anywhere? How long do we think we're going to survive here if we keep this up? Statistics show that asthma and respiratory infections are increasing dramatically in and around all urban centres of ALL sizes. All it takes is a small amount of poison. Take the paper mill in Kamloops for example. Imagine 700, 000 of those mills on a river (the Yellow River in China to be exact, pumping ALL of their waste into the river. There is no way all of it will get filtered by the soil, so it goes into the ocean, ingested by fish and plants, which in turn get eaten by us... goes into the water cycle, rains back down on farmer's crops and cow's fields, which spreads the toxins to our produce, meat and dairy products. And that's just a SMIDGEN of the big picture. Yummy, eh?
So, I've decided I'm going to write about the health of our planet more often from now on. Maybe it will persuade all of us (including me) to take better care of the ONLY place we have to call home.


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