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Monday, May 28, 2007

Well on Friday we had a "Fun Day" with baseball for the afternoon. I'm not really a fan of baseball, and as it turned out neither are Teri or Kaitlyn. So the three of us got to sit in the Foods room for 2 blocks and wait until the 3 o'clock bell rang. We weren't even allowed to sit outside and watch the teams play! I found that pretty ridiculous. We could have been cheering people on, but no.... At least we had a nice chit chat about all sorts of things. lol And the burnt popcorn was exciting. :p
Then Saturday was a big disappointment as well, because I couldn't get a ride into town for the parade and rodeo and everything. I wanted to come so bad, but nada. grrr If I'm still in BC next May, I'm definitely making the parade. ^_^ I want to see it!


At 4:40 PM, Blogger ~.Kaitlyn.~ said...

I do have to agree that our little chit chat was fun. And no one needs to know about it :P
lol I like how most of the insults were from me. But ya I couldnt beieve that we werent even allowed outside. Damn "HIM" ... even Mrs. Kosic and mrs.zado and mr. agar totaly agreed.
But I had fun :P
P.S - Burnt popcorn STINKS!


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