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Thursday, June 07, 2007

And.... today in Foods we started preparing our Greek dishes. Teri and Kaitlyn made the Greek salad, Ryan marinated the FLESH for the skewers (Eep, I just remembered we didn't save any sauce for the veggie skewers >.< ), and I made lemon cake. We were only allowed to make half the recipe, so the cake might have turned out kinda weird... I hope it doesn't taste as bad as it looks.
I can't wait until tomorrow. Everyone's meals sound so nummy. Well, except the fleshy stuff. >.> Anyway, that's all the exciting stuff that's happened so far today. After school the grads are going to make a movie for the grad video.. with a fog machine or with Sam falling off her chair. Poor Sam, I hope you at least get some kind of exercise mat to fall on to!


At 6:45 PM, Blogger ton_Z said...

The food we made in Home-Ec class was awesome! There was a lot of spicy food though :S I liked your guys' Greek food!


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